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In the loop 23 avril, 2009

Filed under: Arts & Entertainment — Mel @ 19:55

in-the-loop-0051I was sold with this line:
« To walk the road of peace, sometimes we need to be ready to climb the mountain of conflict. »
« Climb the mountain of conflict… You sound like a nazi Julie Andrews! »

I quite enjoy the aggressive, profane and savage tone in the trailer. I suppose I get a kick out of watching political leaders being scorned and derided eventhough it doesn’t get us anywhere. Nevertheless, I find it quite entertaining, specially with Peter Capaldi who plays the role of Malcolm Tucker (that’s him on the Obama inspired poster), the PM’s spin doctor who, as The Times put it « is the master of the rapid-fire, scatological character assassination, boiling through the sterile corridors of power like molten lava. »

Doesn’t look like « In the Loop » will be released elsewhere than in the US and the UK. Pity.


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